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Our company FTM which refers to Foreign Trade Management, was established in 2007 with its experienced partners in Export and Import business for more than 20 years. Our aim is to provide the necessary services to both domestic and foreign companies which are looking for starting or improving their import and export business in our region. Our services can be listed in 2 catagories as ''Import Consultancy'' and ''Export Consultancy''. We are specialized in the products below: - Laminate Floor - LVT Floor - Vinyl Floor - HPL Sheet - MFC - Particle Board - Acoustic Panels - OSB - Worktops - High Gloss Boards - CDF / Compact Density Fiber - Compact Laminate Sheet - Fire Retardant / Water Resistant Chipboard / MDF / HDF - E1 - E0 - Carb II Formaldehyde rated products We are also able to provide 60-90 days deferred payment for your needs. (Country / Company must be checked by our export insurance company) - Long-term payment plan conditions must be discussed. Please let us know what you need. You will not regret it... Hope to hear from you.
Timing and Confidence. That's how we got here! We develop innovative, practical solutions that address the challenges of our supply, manufacture and quality steps more than 16 years. Join the over 150+ customers who trust Sercor to be the part of a exclusive benefits with rich content of material with professional team.
Ekobord produces aesthetic fibercement new generation boards of different varieties, which has high resistance, easy to install, human and nature friendly, under the assurance of Vefa. Sand, cement,
BESTRADE operates in the fields of Building & Construction, Furniture & Decoration, Machinery & Home Electronics and uses its global trade experience in these fields as the best marketing catalyst for companies in Turkey. BESTRADE is increasing the efficiency of companies in Turkey in global trade with its experience, quality and expert team. Taking into consideration the commercial policies and activities of the companies, BESTRADE secures the principles in contracts signed with companies and adopts the principle of protecting them. Having a large customer portfolio, BESTRADE is able to meet with its expert team and customers who want to open up to the global trade, providing them with information on how to join and how to turn it into advantage. Most importantly, BESTRADE takes its reference from trade ethics and aims to keep the customer satisfaction in the foreground. BESTRADE is an affiliate of BESLER Construction Inc. which has been operating since 1980.
Aluc Forest Products Ltd. as hardboard to furniture manufacturing industry in 1991, MDF and other products, our commercial life in replacing the parent company with the supply structure at this point today, machinery manufacturing, logistics and meets other sectors of the wood needs and a range of services that require subjects as separate structures ulasmistir.aluc Wood Building and Construction Mat. Inc. From this need was born here and valuable input to our customers in the year 2010. Types of plywood formwork systems used in the construction industry; H20 wooden formwork girders; We jojis with ASD varieties, machinery and other industries used WireMesh / honeycomb pattern plywood types "Plywood Market" concept with Aluc Wood's activities to in order to meet market needs that occur in olusturuyor.kontrplak sector Aluc Forest have two separate services unit of products within the company has more activity: Sites Tasdelen Street and Antalya-Kepez Mediterranean Industrial Our service units in Site "Plywood Market" name and concept with operating under the gostermektedirler.dig hand alucor financing products and "Aluc Construction" name people in our contemporary, our organization gives a comfortable and peaceful living spaces, landscapes Houses have completed the project and its more baslamistir.yap its services a new project on the land, projects, and during the "Ankara plywood" in between the leaders of the trademark sector Aluc Wood, "Ankara membrane" with membrane and roofing bitumen core with a registered trademark in the insulation space has expanded its range of services it provides to the construction sector. quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service and the principle of honesty and always stocked employee organization, our customers, require that products "Right Turn" and in the near future needs "Storage" advantage to you. Customer satisfaction oriented approach we wish to provide the service.